Inter-Civic Council of Baton Rouge


The normal day of the meeting, 2nd Tuesday of each month The meeting will be the Intercivic Council Annual Christmas Event at 6:30 PM at City Club, 355 North Blvd, Downtown Baton Rouge, La

Next Meeting:  TuesdayDecember 12, 2017








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2016 Officers and Directors of Intercivic Council of Baton Rouge, La


President: Lowell Tilley w/Louisiana Bonsai Society

President Elect: Frances Bennett w/Friendship Force of Baton Rouge

Vice President: LaMarylis Newman w/B R Regional Eyebank

Secretary: Barbara Wittkopf w/Friendship Force of Baton Rouge


Richard Flicker w/Exchange Club

Dave Peek w/Southeast Lions Club

Past President: Kathy Blackman w/Exchange Club of Baton Rouge


Board Members

L N Coxe

Dee Mather-Muenzler